• It’s time for Kindergarten registration for fall 2021! This year you can register your new student in one of two ways.

    • Option #1: Go to https://www.mansd.org/for-families/2021-2022-school-year-registration and complete the pre-registration link. You will be able to complete the remainder of the registration process later next month at the same website. The pre-registration link will help us to ensure that everything is accounted for and completed in a timely fashion.

    • Option #2: Call the school at (603) 624-6312 to make an appointment and we can help you complete the registration process and ensure you have all the information and documents needed. Appointments will be scheduled for either Wednesday April 7 between 8:30am-12pm or Wednesday 4/14 between 8:30am-12pm. If you choose option #2, please let us know if your incoming Kindergarten student will be with you for your scheduled appointment.

Information will be forthcoming with regards to orientation, school tours, and a summer learning academy opportunity for your child!

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Grades K-5

Use the Clever link to access Google Classroom, i-Ready Reading and Math instruction, and other applications your teachers may use.

Please visit mansd.org for the latest information regarding the current status of school services in the Manchester School District.

All staff read-alouds can be found here.

Library Activities K & 1

Choose one of the following activities to review and practice:

Library Activities 2-5

Choose one of the following activities to review and practice:

All Fingers Aboard

"The Bakersville Pledge"

I pledge today to do my best

in reading, math and all the rest.

I promise to obey the rules

in my class and in my school.

I'll respect myself and others too;

I'll expect the best in all I do.

I'll keep my school clean and safe;

come every day and not be late.

I am here to learn and I'll say it out loud,

I'll always be Bakersville proud!