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Mission: to empower and inspire all learners to reach their greatest potential in a global community.

The Bakersville Elementary School LMC serves all students, staff, and parents of the school. The general collection, primarily used by students, currently has over 10,000 volumes of fiction, non-fiction, reference, magazines, and everybody books for all ages. Our Teacher Resource Center is equipped with various tools and student activities, as well as books and magazines for professional development.

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Angela M. Berg,

Library Media Specialist

I am looking forward to another exciting school year sharing my love of learning with your student. Every class has library time once a week for 45 minutes. Instructional time throughout the year will be divided between library skills, literature, and technology skills. All students shall have the opportunity to borrow new books each week.

    • Kindergarten students may borrow one (1) book at a time which will remain in their classroom for use during independent reading.
    • First grade students may borrow one-two (1-2) books at a time which will remain in their classroom for use during independent reading. With parental permission, students may begin bringing their library books home during the second trimester.
    • Second through fifth grade students may borrow a reasonable number of reading-level books which should be kept in their backpack.

All books are due back the following week unless there is a holiday or school vacation. Books that are returned on time may be renewed up to 3 times unless another patron has placed a reserve on the returned book. There are no fines for late books, however there may be a cost to replace lost or damaged books.

Please remind your child to:

  • have clean hands when reading;
  • use a bookmark or piece of paper--NO pens, rulers, or other items that may damage the book;
  • find a quiet, well-lit place to read;
  • keep books out of reach of pets and younger siblings;
  • send damaged books to school for repair; and
  • return books on time so that others may enjoy them.
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