Our School

(This is a work in progress)

There is not a complete written history of Bakersville. Here I have attempted to assemble the bits and pieces of information to establish a chronological history of our beloved school. If you find information that is inaccurate or you have information to add, please contact me at aberg@mansd.org.

Bakersville was so called from being built upon the farm of the late Joseph Baker, who purchased land from the Amoskeag Company (http://www.nh.searchroots.com/HillsboroughCo/Manchester/history.html). Robert Baker built the first school of Manchester's "suburban district" - the original Bakersville School. (https://manchester.pastperfectonline.com/photo/09DF1DB7-D585-4E16-94F8-375138111647)

Bakersville was one of 9 districts established by selectman in 1840. The following year $3,485.82 was allocated to build wooden schoolhouses in 6 of the districts (approximately $580 each) including Bakersville. It is unclear at this time if this structure was the original built by Robert Baker, or if it was a replacement structure. In 1863, the next structure was built on the site of Bakersville at a cost of $3,500 (http://www.nh.searchroots.com/HillsboroughCo/Manchester/pdf/School-Hist-EarlyManchester.pdf).

Another building was constructed in 1883 with a cost of $12,000 (http://www.nh.searchroots.com/documents/Hillsborough/Manchester_School_History.txt).

December 9, 1909 - At a meeting of the schoolboard in ''unmistakable language'' it was said that the Bakersville School was the worst ''fire trap'' in the State of New Hampshire, that it had no fire escapes and the doors opened inward. John Rice, chairman of the schoolboard, was asked if he thought fire escapes would help replied, ''I do not think so''. (Source: Bits of Manchester, NH history by Manchester Historian, John Patrick Jordan. https://www.facebook.com/JohnPatrickJordanFollowers/posts/3583132041800190)

The newest building was commissioned in 1916 and erected in 1917. There have been 2 major additions to the building in ensuing years: the gymnasium/cafeteria and the kindergarten wing.

Manchester (NH) Chamber of Commerce "Welcome to Manchester" Tourish Booth, ca 1960. The booth was located in the center of Queen City Ave., opposite the playground behind Bakersville School. Autos from all states in the nation stopped to make inquiries about the city and the state. Attendants gave out information requested during the ten-week Summer period. Firehouse 1890's-1963

The Manchester Historic Association holds 31 volumes of Bakersville's school registers for the years 1875-1968