Here are some easy ways to help our school earn extra for things like field trips, equipment, and activities (click on the picture to link to the sponsored site for more information):    


4 Products = 3 School Dollars. If 100 families buy 4 products each
          week (3 school dollars) for the entire program, your school will raise 
          $3,900! See a full list of participating products.

Visit any of the following Donors Choose links to see what special projects our classrooms need help with:

School Safety FIRST! Part 1 Our students need walkie- talkies to help keep teachers and staff in communication throughout the school day.

Flexible Seating in Fourth Grade, Part 2 Our students need a comfortable gathering space with a classroom carpet that can double as a project work space.

A Place for Everyone Library Seating Our students need a Place for Everyone carpet for our story corner and flexible seats for the reading corner so we can all be comfortable while enjoying our literacy activities.

Seats For Success
Help me give my students an ability to pay attention and learn in a group setting by giving them a defined place to sit and attend during group instruction.