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Summer Learning Fun: Title I Summer Science Camp Highlights

posted Jul 18, 2016, 5:46 PM by Katherine Josef   [ updated Oct 10, 2016, 8:48 PM by Angela Berg ]

July 11 - August 4, 2016

Our young scientists of upcoming third and fourth graders had four weeks of fun and excitement experimenting, researching, and creating crafts all about science. We went on field trips and science experts came to visit us at school. Here are just a few of the highlights of the four-week science camp.

Classroom I

Instructors Anne Newhouse, Cindy Perez, and Karen Redd

During the first week of Science Inquiry, we were visited by Kevin Skarupa, a WMUR meteorologist and we talked about all things weather. Mr. Skarupa videotaped us and showed the video on TV and posted it on the WMUR website.

Sub Zero Ice Cream of Nashua, NH ( visited us at school. They demonstrated how to use liquid nitrogen to freeze fresh ingredients to make ice cream. The students said that the best part was eating the ice cream.  

During the second week we studied Pond Life. We visited Peabody Mills Environmental Center ( in Amherst, NH. We went on a nature walk and saw a beaver dam. We ended the visit by fishing for pond life using nets. We were amazed of all the different type of pond life. Most exciting was the newt we discovered. All pond life was returned to the pond without being harmed.

During week three we studied Environmental Science. We discussed the life cycle of several insects. We observed caterpillars that eventually turn into beautiful butterflies and were released. We visited Beech Hill Farm ( in Hopkinton, NH. We saw many animals, including a beautiful peacock. They served us ice cream. The kids loved the ice cream and the bus ride.

The last week’s topic was Earth Science. We studied our solar system and made playdough earth models.

Our last field trip was in-school. Wildlife Encounters of NH ( brought in several animals for us to see and allowed us to touch some animals. We saw a fennec fox native to Africa, a brown and white skunk native to the US, an African pygmy hedgehog native to South America, a blue and gold macaw also native to South America, a Bennett’s Wallaby joey (relative of the kangaroo) native to Australia, an African bull frog native to Africa,  and a Jungle carpet python native to Australia. ~Summer Science Instructor Karen Redd.


Classroom II

Instructors Justine Dube and Rob Gagne

Highlights from our first week of ‪#‎SummerScienceCamp‬!

It was ‪#‎ScientificInquiry‬ week, so students learned all about the scientific method steps. WMUR's own meteorologist Kevin Skarupa came to visit and talk to us about weather: (, ‪#‎SubZero‬ ice cream came to make us ice cream treats from liquid nitrogen (so cool!), elephant toothpaste exploded, and we made our own parachutes and tested different materials to see which would fly best! Can't wait for next week!

Highlights from our second week of #‎SummerScienceCamp‬!

Week two was a blast! Our theme for the week was Pond Life. Students learned what happens when we pollute our ponds and lakes; made craft dragonflies and fishy gak; enjoyed some "frog apples;" explored real life frogs, tadpoles, and froglets; and enjoyed a field trip to Peabody Mills - where students went on a nature hike and caught insects and creatures from the pond! 🐸🐟💦

Recap of week 3 #SummerScienceCamp !

The theme for this week was Earth Science. At the beginning of the week, students learned about Earth and it's many different formations, getting to blow up their own homemade volcanoes. They learned about the layers of Earth, and then learned about the planets too! At the end of the week, students learned about animals that live on Earth and the plants that sustain our planet, ending with a field trip to #BeechHillFarm!

Our last week of
#SummerScienceCamp was all about Life Science.

Students learned about their bodies, making their own "spines," and "blood." Students also learned about the spread of germs and how to take care of their bodies. Then, we learned about animals and adaptation, camoflauge, and different species. Our last “field” trip was awesome- WildLife Encounters came to show (and we sometimes got to touch!) many different animals from around the world! We ended our summer camp with a yummy picnic all together outside in the grass, while releasing our beautiful butterflies we hatched together! Another awesome summer at Bakersville! ~Summer Science Instructor Justine Dube

As you can tell we had a great time learning about science and becoming great young scientists. We hope parents will consider signing up their kids next year; teachers and staff talk about science camp and students tell other students how much fun we had this year.  ~Summer Science instructor Karen Redd.