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Bailey, Jen Title I Certified Instructor  
Beaton, Jayne Multisensory Reading  
Beaudry, Gerry Administrative Assistant  
Berg, Angela Unified Arts-Library  
Bickford, Jessica Grade 2  
Bishop, Nicole Grade 1  
Carrier, Carolyn Title I Certified Instructor  
Celone, Mayela Paraprofessional  
Charland, Jerry Special Education - Intermediate  
Chase, Kayla 21st CCLC Afterschool  
Cole, Peggy EL Teacher  
Desmarais, Paul Unified Arts-Music (Thurs-Fri)  
DiComes, Jodi Grade 3  
Dube, Justine Pre school Teacher  
Dwyer, Carolyn Paraprofessional  
Eagan, Kate Grade 5  
Farragher-Paras, Kelly English Learners  
Fillip, Jill Occupational Therapist  
Fougere, Emily Grade 1  
Fox, Barbara Paraprofessional  
Gagne, Robert Special Education - Primary  
Gamache, Lynn Title I Reading Supervisor  
Gerome, Sarah Preschool-Teacher  
Harris, Erin Grade 4  
Hendries, Carol Grade 2  
Hoy, Toni Preschool - Title I Certified Instructor  
Hughes-Keravich, Kelly  Speech Therapist  
Jette, Laureen Kindergarten  
Josef, Katherine Principal  
Juneau, Nancy Guidance Counselor  
Kate Kelly Social Worker  
Kelley, Ann Unified Arts-Art (Mon-Wed)   
Landrigan, Phil Title I Math Supervisor  
Lanigan, Evelyn Nurse  
Larocca, Mary Jill Unified Arts-Health (Wed-Fri)  
Lee, Mary Kitchen  
LeVangie, Rachel Guidance Counselor-College & Career Readiness Grades 4-5  
Levasseur, Paul Emotional Behavioral Specialist  
Logue, Laurie Paraprofessional  
Lyons, Maureen Preschool - Title I Reading Supervisor  
MacDuff, Cheryl  English Learners  
Mazumdar, Kristen Preschool - Title 1 Certified Instructor  
McGuire, Sue-Ellen Grade 2  
McHugh, Jamie Grade 1  
Menswar, Courtney Grade 3  
Newhouse, Anne  Title I Certified Instructor  
O'Neill-Sapienza, Andrea Kindergarten  
Peabody, Abby Kindergarten  
Piantigini, Mark Unified Arts-PhysEd (Mon-Wed)  
Redd, Karen Learning Disabilities  
Reinhold, Karen Grade 4  
Seavey, Terry Paraprofessional  
Sims, Andrew Grade 5  
Soucy, Steve Assistant Principal  
Sprague, Karen Paraprofessional  
Support Staff  Preschool-Title I Certified Instructor   
Tacker, Martha Kitchen  
Thibeault, Chelsea Grade 3  
Vitagliano, James Psychologist  
Woodbury, Alyssa Preschool-Teacher  
Showing 60 items