Principal's Page

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Happy Mid-Winter! 

The school year is flying by and we are staying busy learning and growing here at Bakersville! We have so much to be proud of and celebrate. Our students are learning and growing everyday with the continued hard work and collaboration between home and school.  We are very fortunate to have such wonderful hard working parents and families in our school community!  Our students are truly amazing, unique individuals and together we can help support them and succeed to their greatest potential! 

This month we will have our PTG meeting on 02/13/17  from 6-7pm in the library. City Year corps members will be present to assist with childcare while we meet. Please come join us if you can or check back on our website for information about how you can help be a part of your child(ren)'s school day. 

As a part of our continued efforts to foster a positive school environment, we will be celebrating Random Acts of Kindness week during the week of February 13th-17th, 2017. A random act of kindness is a simple act that can brighten someone’s day. It can be something as large as donating items to charity or as small as holding the door open for someone. Everyday during that week will have a theme, morning messages of kindness, school wide challenges, and academic assignments involving kindness. You can help by continuing to model kindness at home for your children. Let your child(ren) see you being kind to others. Encourage your child(ren) to be kind to you, to their siblings, friends, and neighbors alike. Point out acts of kindness you may see in real life, in books or on television.

REMINDER: We will have our mid winter parent conferences coming up this month. 
Teachers in grades K-5 will be reaching out to you to schedule a convenient time to discuss your child's progress and needs to date and discuss ways we can continue to work together to help our children succeed. Please call us in the main office with any follow up questions or concerns. 

Please be sure that you are encouraging your child(ren) to read for 20 minutes every night. This is a great way to help support literacy at home. In addition, students can practice their math facts, use flash cards or log on to their iReady accounts to do a lesson or play a game in reading or math. Your support and encouragement will surely help your child to succeed and thrive!

We are fortunate to have the 21st Century after school programming on site from 2:45pm to 5:45pm during the school year. This year we will also offer a before school opportunity from 7:45-8:15am with a focus on technology and use of iReady. Space is limited and is first come first serve. For more information, please go to

Additionally,  we are excited to once again host the AmeriCorps, City Year corps members here at our school. Students in grades three through five have the opportunity during the school year to participate in City Year's Starfish Corps, which promotes leadership skills in students. City Year corps members are a positive and helpful addition to our school. For more information about City Year in Manchester, go to

Please let us know if we can assist you in any way. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns or feedback you may have. We welcome family and community support!!

Ms. Josef